Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Irish Dancer

My 5-year old daughter Clara has wanted to be an Irish dancer since she first saw a performance when she was one.  Every year around St. Patrick's Day we would see at least one dance performance, and she would be mesmerized.  She couldn't wait until she was 4 and would be old enough for lessons.  I did a tiny bit of Irish dancing for fun and exercise when I was an adult, and I always wished that I had begun dancing at a younger age.

Clara dances with Trinity Irish Dancers, and I can't say enough great stuff about Trinity.  We've made some friends already who I think will be wonderful friends for a long, long time!  Here are a couple favorite photos that I've taken over the past year and wanted to share.  I'm a really proud mama for all that she's accomplished this year!

PS: If your child is interested in trying an Irish dance class, feel free to contact me!  There is a free class session in mid-May.

Watching the big girls dance:

 Winter Weekend festivities:
 Clara's first dance medal:

 Trinity Founder Mark Howard gets his dance on:

 Aboard a float during the Chicago Southside parade.  This photo was taken with an iPhone, but I love it!
 Performing at a local school:

 She looks so grown up!