Friday, January 23, 2009

NIU Wedding Expo!

Mike and I were vendors at the NIU wedding expo on Sunday, January 4th.  It seemed to be a pretty  good turnout with probably at least 200 brides in attendance.  We haven't done a wedding expo in about 3 years since word of mouth referrals have been so fantastic!  But with the economy the way it is right now, we're a little worried that brides might cut video from their budget. (Don't do it!!!)  But everyone who visited our booth seemed to enjoy the video on display, and were excited about the Free Montage raffle! 

We even ran into an Adore bride who was also a vendor at the show!
This is Jodi earlier in the year:

And now she also sells jewelry that make beautiful and unique gifts for bridesmaids or for yourself!  See her jewelry at:

Gray is the new brown

I had a pretty bad night last night: kids having tantrums and gleefully watching my reactions, hubby late from work, all of us sick with a bronchial cough, awake 21 hours straight.  You know.  The usual.  Not even a Berry Weiss, half a bag of chocolate chips and watching Ace of Cakes (I heart Geof) could pull me out of my funk.

But something this morning gave me pause and put things into perspective.  What was it that happened?  An epiphany?  no.  Life-changing or near-death experience?  Nah. 
It was... (insert dramatic music here)  


Sigh.  It has begun.  But wait!  What if I don't accept said gray hair?  I'm not even 30 until September!!!  I reject you evil melanin-less sign of th
ings to come!!!  
Don't know about melanin?  Learn about the graying process- as explained to kids- here

I was totally fine with turning 30's just another day (and like I always say: Birthdays have been downhill for me since I stopped receiving Barbies as presents!) but this bitter pill of mortality is a little harder for me to swallow.

Actually, thinking back, I remember seeing a gray hair on my head 1 year, 11 months and 2 days ago.  (that was strangely specific, wasn't it?)  I remember it so well because it was the day that I gave birth to Clara.  We went to the hospital to get induced and as I was putting on the hospital gown I saw the offending gray hair mocking me in th
e mirror.  I though "Oh boy, this must be a sign that this kid is going to give me trouble!"  Luckily she's proved me wrong, and I quickly forgot about the gray offender as it mysteriously vanished into thin (h)air.  ;)

Fast-forward 701 days and here we are again.  Kids/stress/genes/etc.  Whatever the cause, I'll have to embrace it soon.  Maybe after a couple feeble attempts at tweezing perhaps, but I guess it's all a part of growing up.  I survived the Barbie thing, after all.