Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Terrific 2's! | Bartlett, IL Child and Family Photographer

There are a magical couple days every year in late April or early May when the crab apple trees blossom and produce gorgeous and fleeting photo opportunities. The day after these photos were taken, a storm washed all the blossoms off the trees.

I was so worried about this session; if the weather was going to be rainy our backup plan was to take backdrop photos at my messy, poorly lit house. SO Glad that Mother Nature cooperated, and, in fact, was pretty spectacular for this photo shoot! It actually resulted in one of my all-time favorite photos I've ever taken.

For two-year-olds especially, it's my opinion that giving them a session location with a wide open place to explore is the best way to capture their curiosity and keep them entertained. Cantigny is my favorite go-to place, and this is exactly why! Brandon was an adorable two-year old with lots of smiles and laughs. He also loved playing with the little path pebbles. A lot. :)

A more natural edit vs the vintage edit in the first photo. I can't decide which I like better!

Thanks for such a fun day to run around outside and enjoy the weather. I hope you enjoy viewing the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Baby S | Bartlett, IL newborn photography

I was excited to meet new clients for this session! Many thanks to Stephanie Zych for the referral (and stay tuned for our upcoming Referral Rewards Program!)

Here is Baby S. Isn't she sweet?! She was only four days old when I photographed her. My youngest newborn yet! I arrived at the session armed with lotsa fabric backdrops and some new props: cheesecloth wraps and newborn headbands! And wouldn't you know it, she wasn't too sleepy...she wanted to check out her new home, big brother and even her doggie siblings! We had to keep bribing her with milk to keep her drowsy for the classic sleepy newborn pictures :)

And her big brother was really excited to check out the photos on the camera! Here's my favorite photo of them together :)

Congrats on expanding your new family! It really is a blessing to have two young siblings growing up together; I'm so glad my girls are that close in age. My best advice is to sleep when they sleep! :)