Monday, May 3, 2010

"No Day But Today" | RENT musical videotaping | Sandwich, IL

I love the musical RENT. It's what I identified with all through high school. Granted, I wasn't in exactly the same situation as the characters in Jonathan Larson's musical, but I was a shy kid who hid behind the lens of a camera much like the main character Mark. Anyhow, I spent grades 9-12 with the lyrics always running through my head.

I literally BEGGED to videotape this musical when I found out that Indian Valley Theatre would be producing the show at Sandwich Opera House. I have seen (and videotaped) this group of kids perform in several different musicals over the past three years, but I was super excited to see their transformation and adaption of my favorite show. It did not disappoint. In fact, I recently rented Broadway's live last performance of RENT, and some of these guys outshone the actors on Broadway!!!

Here is a link to view highlights from the videotaping. Video by Linnea Nowak, Photos by Joe Nowak. Copyright Images to Adore.

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