Thursday, June 24, 2010

D&D Wedding Video | Bartlett, IL Wedding Videography

I'm a very slow and methodical person in both work and life. I do things, and I do them right. Sometimes it takes longer than I'd like, but my clients come to me for my artistry and eye, not a quick cookie-cutter turnaround. Occasionally, though, I get a project that requires me to shake things up a bit!

Bride Diana called me asking if I could videotape her wedding in two days. What?! She was talking with her mom, and her mother actually convinced her of the importance of a wedding video. Usually it's the younger generation schooling the older, but moms do have a sense for preserving these special moments that become more precious as time goes on. Go mom!

Anyhow, it was a Friday in which I wasn't booked, so I said I'd be happy to do it. A five hour job turned into a 10 hour job due to traffic. Blackhawks parade + Cross-town classic + Friday night traffic made a trip into the city quite the excursion. But we made it and the day was beautiful! Traditional Catholic mass in three languages so everyone attending could understand their powerful vows, followed by a reception with fun latin flair!

Oh wait, I forgot to mention that the bride asked me to do a 10-day edit turnaround! Remember me? Methodical? Slow? And still working on other projects that were still being edited from before this event. I made it happen, though. And I came to embrace my caffeine I.V. drip. I actually get more creative the more sleep-deprived I am. True story.

Here is a snapshot I took of the happy couple outside of Fuego, the reception location. I used this image for their DVD cover. They are now en route to their second wedding, a destination wedding in Bulgaria, where the groom is originally from. They will be showing their Chicago wedding video to friends and family at their next wedding. They then come back to Bartlett briefly to pack and move to London!

Full disclosure: I have to admit, that I'm more than a wee bit jealous that their wedding DVD is traveling abroad more than I ever have. Ah well, I'll toast them with my Bulgarian feta* and start up the I.V. drip with another pot-o-coffee. Nazdrave! <---Google
told me that's how you say Cheers in Bulgarian. Now you know.

*(interesting fact: My daughter Clara can eat it because it's made with sheep milk, and she can only digest sheep or goat milk products. And it's delish on salads with some kalamata olives!)

Good Luck, D&D and congrats on the start of a beautiful, adventurous marriage!

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