Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gabriella in Wonderland | Bartlett, IL Photography

A friend that I showed this photo to thought that it had a very Alice in Wonderland quality to it. I would have to agree. Taking photos with Gabriella is always an adventure. In the short hour that we spent together last week, she led me on quite the adventure!

Traipsing around Cantigny Park, we had a pretend tea party and searched for those illusive Cantigny fairies in the flower beds. It's pretty difficult to get eye contact from two-year-olds, so I just create a fun environment for them to explore, and then try to keep up and capture it as they take in the wonder of it all.

I did made the mistake of bringing out the parasol too early, and it was a wee bit difficult to distract her from playing with it the whole time, but I'm so glad I brought it with!

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dancingn27 said...

The umbrella shots are amazing! I love it :)