Monday, November 21, 2011

Images to Adore FTW!

I'm sorry, I know I am mega-behind in new posts. I've been shooting people pretty nonstop since fall began, and now I am up to my ears in editing, but my new website and blog will be up very soon!

I am posting for an entirely selfish reason right now. I want to win. I want to win REAAAAAL bad! See there's this awesome lady, Laura Winslow. And she's giving away $10,000 worth of photography props, templates and other goodies that make me drool all over my keyboard! That makes her my favorite person in the world right about now. Here is the link to her fabulous giveaway. You don't have to do anything to help me win, I'm just posting about HOW MUCH I really want to win. I really do. Especially for the M4H actions and Oh Snap Boutique templates. There I go again...I'm drooling.

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