Sunday, May 17, 2009

Love Story Video & Engagement Photos!

I had the pleasure of videotaping Jessen and Ninon's Love Story last week.  They decided to do a tongue-in-cheek interview concept style that is being edited now, and is sure to be lots of fun at their 600-guest wedding reception later this month!!!

They also asked if I would do a quick photo of them at an Evanston beach.  They're going to blow the photo up and have a photo matte surrounding it for guests to sign at their reception.  Well, you know me...a quick photo turned into 284, and I looooved my first photography engagement shoot experience!  My kiddos have selective hearing when it comes to mommy asking them to pose, so it was soooo nice to pose adults who follow my direction! :)  The weather cooperated also, and it was a perfect blend of not too hot or cold, and just cloudy enough to produce perfect natural lighting!

Here is a sneak peak for Jessen and Ninon from our photo shoot:  Enjoy!

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Meagan Caton said...

You got some really good poses there! Wow you took a lot of pictures. I don't know how they're gonna choose. I love pictures on the beach too! Beautiful couple.