Friday, June 24, 2011

Tacy and Zach | Chicago Wedding Videography by Images to Adore

Tacy and Zach were married in a gorgeous downtown reception at the River East Arts Center. In eight years of videotaping weddings, I have NEVER been rained out of a post-ceremony photo/video shoot. NEVER. I actually boasted about this to brides who were worried about the forecast a few days before their wedding. "No worries, I never get rained out!" I must have gotten a little too cocky because I was eating my words at this wedding.

It was cloudy after their ceremony as we walked towards the beach, but then out of nowhere there was a torrential downpour to deal with. And I do mean torrential. We dove for cover at a hot dog stand, but the rain was so strong it was coming in sideways and even hid the camera under my shirt to protect it :) Then we ran to an underpass and waited out the rain until we could grab a cab and go back to the Arts Center for the reception. Luckily there was beautiful galleries that the curators opened up to us to catch some shots before dinner.

The weather cleared up shortly afterwards, and we ventured outside that evening to enjoy the downtown fireworks display.

All in all, a gorgeous wedding. And even though we didn't get the beach shots we were hoping for, it was still one of the most gorgeous and stylish weddings I've ever had the privilege to capture.

Congrats Zach and Tacy! And may the downpour on your wedding day be the worst that your marriage ever has to weather!

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