Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"Oh boy..."

Do any of you remember the series Quantum Leap?  I don't remember how many seasons it was on, but I had a little crush on the main actor, Scott Bakula  (Side note: okay, I just checked Wikipedia to see if Bakula was spelled correctly, so now I know that the series ran from 1989 - 1993, for anyone who was curious!)

Anyhow, I had a Quantum Leap moment today.  You know how Scott Bakula's character is thrown into new and unforseen circumstances, and comedic hilarity and poignant lessons are sure to ensue?  Each time he finds himself i
n a new situation and, unable to fathom what to do next, utters the catch phrase "Oh boy..." as the series cuts to commercial.

Well, today I picked my 3 year-old daughter up from preschool and she was a bundle of extra energy.  She couldn't get the words out fast enough.

Beth:  "Mama, mama, mama!  Guess what?  I have a boyfriend!!!"

(Pause.  Wait for it...)

Me:  "Oh boy..."

Um, I thought I'd have at least until, say, 2nd grade to deal with crushes!!!  Every day after school I ask her who she played with, and she never ever wants to talk to the boys. 

But apparently she made plans with the boy to play at his house tomorrow.  I asked her who the lucky guy was, and she doesn't know his name!  Another mom overheard and said "boy are you going to have your hands full!"  You said it sister.  Now all these thoughts of my kiddos as teenagers are swarming through my brain.  I admit, I'm a little impatient for my girls to be a little older, to enjoy that fleeting time when there's less tantrums and more ability to communicate before they become teens and r
egress.  And I'm reeeeally not ready for that.

I thought I was getting this parenting thing down, and then they throw a wrench in things.  She said she wants to kiss him.  Oh boy...

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