Sunday, April 19, 2009

Duo of Magical Tales

We're about to mail out Children's Community Theater's DVD's and photos from last month's production of "Duo of Magical Tales".  This was a retelling of two of my favorite fairytales: Cinderella and Aladdin!  The performance was magical, and I could not believe the tremendous talent of some of the young actors!

Before I transfered to film school, I minored in theater for two years at NIU.  It was wonderful to be back at the O'Connell Theater after so many years!  The smell of sawdust from set construction instantly transported me back 10 years!  I can't wait for CCT's next productions coming soon!

(My daughter Beth celebrates her 4th birthday soon.  One of her presents was enrolling her in a tot acting class at the Bartlett Park District.  She loves playing dress up and pretending she's a princess, so now she can make some friends and act out fairy tales at the same time.  She'll be in heaven!)

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